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Becoming a Realtor® in 2021 was a natural progression with my passion and my side gig of the past two decades; purchasing, renovating and selling homes. Adding this title to my toolbox completed my skill set. 

I take pride in being a full-service real estate agent. I truly want to guide you, with as much handholding as necessary, throughout this entire buying or selling process, to find just the right home, fitting your specific criteria. My expertise in homeownership continues to be developed through residential sales, design, renovation and constant construction. I invest in my own real estate projects and manage those extensive demolitions and renovations. This depth of real estate knowledge ensures that you are in good hands.


As a Realtor, I am committed to maintaining a high level of integrity in all dealings and negotiations. I have built a trust with my clientele by always keeping their utmost care and consideration in mind. My aim is to provide an excellent service of representation, with no pressure, ever. 

In my personal life, I love to connect the dots, within cultures and all avenues of life through design, texture, travel, architecture, color, light, food, movement, observation, photography and anything and everything hand-crafted, from weavings to cocktails. I am heavily influenced by nature through my wild-west heritage and also by the latino and indigenous cultures. I am inspired by constant learning and personal growth.

Most days you can find me walking with my rescue doggo. In my leisure time I enjoy yoga, bicycling, outdoor festivals, campfires, home cooking, good eating, hosting dinner parties, and worldwide travel. I am practical, and I strive for a balanced life. I am fluent in Spanish.

Real World Experience
With over a decade of hands-on experience in real estate sales, investment,
renovation/deconstruction/reconstruction, my years of working
 collaboratively in this field, provides me with a solid foundation as a real estate agent, designer, and renovator. 
The majority of the projects that I
 have taken on have necessitated extensive work.
You will find that
 I am very resourceful and able to work within your budget. 
Creating New Residential Impact

This 1960 condo was redesigned to be an open concept living area incorporating trending designs that reminisce that era.

Making a Difference in Commercial Design

The Yoga Hive was a project of love. This raw space was built out from floor to ceiling.

My design concept was to bring in natural elements to create an oasis within the studio.  We custom built the furnishings, based on sacred geometry, to represent community through the concept of a hive. 

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